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Course Image Modern Laboratory Management: Effective Management of the Chemical Analysis Support

UPCOMING/ON REQUEST - Successful Management of the analytical laboratory provides a comprehensive discussion of the problems that face analytical laboratory managers and presents proven techniques for improving the operation and performance of analytical labs. A wide range of topics are covered, including functions of various laboratory types including a discussion of legal proceedings that involve defending laboratory data, staffing and organization, motivation, management and development of personnel, personal relations and communication, sample handling, workload optimization, equipment selection and justification, budgeting and cost control including methods for calculating the dollar return on investments in capital equipment, and information management systems. 

This course emphasizes measures that managers can take to ensure quality performance in both the laboratory and its personnel while maintaining the overall cost effectiveness of the operation. The course focuses on planning the laboratory work load and controlling the budget by the use of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Further, the course covers real-time monitoring of the budget using laboratory information management system, minimizing costs by applying alternative analytical methods, strategy on developing advanced technology analytical protocols at the lowest possible price and consumable-free analytical methods and their financial turnover.

The instructor will use case histories from his experience to illustrate the application of the management principles presented in this course for new and experienced lab managers alike.