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Course Image HAZWOPER - Hazardous Waste Management & Pollution Prevention

This course provides an excellent introduction to mastering the management of hazardous waste materials as well as preventing contamination of the environment. This knowledge makes participants aware of the regulatory aspects of pollution and the handling of hazardous waste materials within their plants. It also allows them to reduce the amount of hazardous waste produced and save money through preventing personal injury and preventing or limiting the effects of accidental pollution

Course Image Hazard Communication: Impact Route of entry

A high percentage of hazardous materials incidents are caused by human error and lack of proper training. The number of such incidents may be greatly reduced by the thorough training of employees. The attendees will be expected to work through calculations involving ppm, and mg/m 3 for gases produced by vaporization from open tanks and from the filling of containers. With these calculations in hand, lower flammability limits, upper flammability limits and flash points will be determined.

This course is designed to introduce the attendee to the safe handling of hazardous materials in the workplace. It will review how toxic materials enter the body, the rate of how such materials may fill a room, and how to protect oneself from exposure by correct ventilation methods and other disposal procedures. The attendee will be expected to do several example problems/calculations during this course thus gaining a sense of confidence in this important area.

Course Image Wastewater Treatment Plant Hazard

Workers in the wastewater treatment sector are responsible for the day-to-day operation, maintenance, trouble-shooting and handling of special problems of municipal, industrial, and other wastewater treatment plants.

Exposure to toxic substances, pathogens and other hazardous materials can have a significant long-term impact on workers and their families with many workers experiencing lifelong disabilities. There are also risks of injury to the head, feet, hearing including crush injuries, scratches.

After the completion of this course you will be able:

  • To identify the hazards in a  wastewater treatment plan
  • Take all the preventative measures to protect the worker health
  • Use the suitable PPE in each case of hazard
  • Preventing and/or minimizing the adverse effects associated with working in sewage treatment plants is to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control the hazards.