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Course Image Logistics & Transportation Planning


In today’s globalized economy, the significance of logistics function and especially transportation is apparent.. The course has been developed so as to provide an up-to-date overview of the logistics and transportation planning. We will discuss what logistics flexibility represents and how it can be enhanced in order to meet with specific business goals.

A thorough examination of the transportation environment will demonstrate the importance of understanding all the key players towards the desired customer service levels. Selection of suitable transportation choice depending on specific transport mode characteristics holds a considerable part of the course. Many companies are troubled deciding between privately owned and third-party distribution, so we seek to assist them in their decision. Since we are talking about planning, routing and scheduling could never be absent. Eventually, a concise reference to costing techniques is made in order to support any relevant decision concerning pricing or generally managing the transportation process.

The main course topics are :

-          Logistics & Transportation Function

-          Flexibility in Logistics

-          Logistics Planning

-          Transportation Environment

-          Transport Modes & Characteristics

-          Third-party distribution vs. Private owned

-          Transportation Planning

-          Routing & Scheduling

-          Trip Costing & Pricing