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Course Image Hazardous Materials Storage and Handling Procedures

A high percentage of hazardous materials incidents are caused by human error and lack of proper training. The number of such incidents may be greatly reduced by the thorough training of employees. The attendees will be expected to work through calculations involving ppm, and mg/m 3 for gases produced by vaporization from open tanks and from the filling of containers. With these calculations in hand, lower flammability limits, upper flammability limits and flash points will be determined.

This course is designed to introduce the attendee to the safe handling of hazardous materials in the workplace. It will review how toxic materials enter the body, the rate of how such materials may fill a room, and how to protect oneself from exposure by correct ventilization methods and other disposal procedures. The attendee will be expected to do several example problems/calculations during this course thus gaining a sense of confidence in this important area.