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Course Image Rotating Equipment Selection, Operation Troubleshooting & Effective Predictive Maintenance

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The course will cover the principal machines represented at a large number of plants. There will be a thorough examination of basic operating concepts, application ranges, selection criteria, maintenance, inspection and vulnerabilities of certain types of equipment. The course will also review the short-cut selection and sizing methods for fluid machinery. Upon the successful completion of this course, participants will have gained an understanding of the principal types of rotating machinery used in industry. They will understand the differences between electric motors, design , advantages and disadvantages of different types of gears, operating principles of gas turbines and reciprocating diesel engines.

Course Image  Practical Pump Technology Selection, Operation Maintenance & Troubleshooting


The course is designed to provide an in-depth perspective of pump technology in terms of selection, operation, maintenance and repair. Topics covered include pump types and terminology, centrifugal and positive-displacement pumps, packing, mechanical seals and sealing systems, bearings, couplings and other vital components.

The course will provide participants with a complete and up-to-date knowledge of pumps and their systems. Further, participants will learn more about selection, operation and maintenance strategies which will assist in increasing pump availability and reliability. Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to troubleshoot all types of pump problems.